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 How to maintain luxury wrist watch for long term use
For watches that are not waterproof which means that their cases are not sealed dirt collects inside the casing and within the parts which will also have the same effect as the oil drying out.
Again my advice is PERIODIC SERVICING.
  • Sometimes you might be tempted to, but whatever you do, make sure that you do not touch (even slightly) the wheels or bridges of your watch with your fingers. It could almost surely lead to rust and also do not ever use your mouth to blow air inside the movement, moisture (your saliva) can be introduced and no matter how minute the amount it will lead to rust. You should know the rest.
  • Some watches are magnetized and some are De-magnetized. If your watch is magnetized do not ever take it near a magnetic source or the time will become very erratic and may even stop working entirely.
    If your watch is magnetized you need to De-magnetize it by going to a reputable jeweler or watchmaker. This will make the watch immune from any damaging effect when it comes close to a magnetic source, this protection can be very important.

  • Mechanical watches use watch winders and it is an easy and convenient way to wind your mechanical wristwatches, but be careful! Winding your watch too often will quickly wear out it’s mechanical parts.
Do not just jump to wind your watch at every given opportunity, you might be shortening the long life span of that your valuable and expensive timepiece.
  • When manually winding your watch do not rush it but do so slowly and continuously, you will feel it resisting when it is fully wound. When you feel the resistance leave it alone, you could damage your watch if you persist.
Do not forget to take the watch off your wrist before you wind it.
  • Use fresh water to thoroughly rinse your watch after swimming in the pool and after swimming in the sea to wash off the chlorine from the pool and salt from the sea.
  • Some watch crystals are made of acrylic or mineral crystals which make them easy to scratch making them to have blurry screens. Avoid having the crystals coming in contact with surfaces and don’t place them upside down in any situation or place heavy objects on them.
    Watches that have sapphire crystals are usually scratch resistant but do not have them come in contact with diamond jeweleries because diamond can easily scratch them and sapphire crystals will break off easily when it is hit by a hard object.
    You can use polish on the crystals to give it a very clean look.
Source of information :hubpages.com

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