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How to Care for and Maintain Luxury Wristwatches
 Source of information:hubpages.com

Luxury Wristwatches are not just a tool for checking the time but rather they are very good ways of showing your status, your dress sense and your sophistication. Therefore they have very high value. Because of their very high quality and long duration many people assume that they require very little maintenance. How wrong they are.
So many people have used their precious timepieces in some very inappropriate ways and have paid dearly for it by inadvertently damaging these precious timepieces.
And come to think of it taking care of these timepieces is very easy and will not take much time or effort. Below are some of the things you should do to ensure that your precious timepieces remain in excellent condition and will perhaps last for several decades:

  • Take off your wristwatch if you are in a situation in which you will be working around substances that you know will be harmful to your watch, such as chemicals or steam.
  • If you want to go to the shower for a bath do not go with your wristwatch, this is because any of the chemicals that you use in the shower like shampoo, soaps etc. could very well damage your wristwatch.
  • If you go for scuba diving then you should keep it in mind that not all expensive watches are suitable for scuba diving- even if they are water resistant. If the water resistance is below 20M then the watch may be used for ordinary household activities that involves water but not for scuba diving. You should use a watch for scuba diving only when the water resistance is well above the 20M mark.
  • You should take your watch for servicing every 2-5 years. This rule is especially true for mechanical watches whether you wear them or not, this is because mechanical watches have oils that lubricate the inner parts and this oil dries up over time.
For watches that are not waterproof which means that their cases are not sealed dirt collects inside the casing and within the parts which will also have the same effect as the oil drying out.
Again my advice is PERIODIC SERVICING.

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