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Dress choice for babies with skin eczema

A helpful guide for mothers
Skin eczema and the baby care

When my husband told me to write an article for his blog regarding skin eczema,I have no idea what to type..maybe because I'm blank.But I think I can help with some suggestions regarding skin eczema.
My daughter has skin eczema ,she is 3 years old now and I had a struggling days when she was small baby.First of all I didn't know anything about eczema and no one in my family had such history.Her severe rashes made me uncomfortable and the troubles with sleeps ,I still am not able to rewind those days because when I think about those words can express those feelings(the sympathetic words of near and dear and also their advices ,try this and that,were more suffocating)
It's after two weeks of her delivery, rashes started appearing and I thought myself  it's because of the baby oil applied.As days passed she had more trouble.No sleep,cranky all the time,dry and itchy skin and finally I thought to consult a paediatrician .When he first mentioned about eczema I was totally dumb and deaf.I thought my daughter is suffering from a severe illness.
As I don't know more about it ,I searched in internet ..I think I never really opened my eyes wide..there are many children who are suffering from skin eczema and I didn't know is it possible?

I started learning more about this and gradually I regained my strength and trust that there is nothing to worry about it if you take some precautions.
For my daughter food was a big problem.Whenever I gave her foods like egg,curd,chicken, milk bread,biscuits,chocolates,she had severe rashes and irritation that she scratched her whole body all the time.All I gave her that time was fruits,vegetables,rice.No non-veg.She had eczema from head to toe.If I start to talk about her then you will naturally get bored.

So, Let's start from daily routine which may help your child.
I don't know whether it can help your baby ..mothers are the first doctors and only mother can help her baby..even in the matter of food ..only she can decide what to avoid and what not to.
But don't get yourself confused all the time.

Here are some tips
1.Don't use soap  instead use very mild soap free soap .Don't make the baby stand in water for long time as water hardens the skin and use only lukewarm water.Also please don't apply oil for hair or for massaging body.
Another option is Mustela's Milky bath oil .Pour the oil in lukewarm water and bath the baby.No need of soap free soap.

2.Always use 100% cotton clothes. Sometimes for parties or functions, if you wish to use any other type of clothes other than cotton ,use inner wear as cotton.But in home please prefer 100% cotton

3.For clothes wash,use hypoallergenic detergent liquid(I use purex).Wash baby's clothes separately.
(I know I don't have to mention it)

4.Apply moisturiser regularly.If the skin dries often apply mosituriser as much as  the skin gets dry so that the baby won't feel irritation.If the skin is too dry apply locoid lipocream0,1% very little and mix it with the moisturiser you apply(mustela's stelatopia is perfect choice for moisturiser,obviously that's my choice ).Use very little cream and more moisturiser as the locoid is a corticosteroid and applying too much is not good for skin .

5.Don't forget to cut the nails as the nails of baby grow faster ,do check it.When the baby scratches the body with nails ,the skin ruptures and there are chances of having infections.

6.If the baby is scratching the head and not able to sleep ,then apply a little locoid scalp lotion with mustela's stelaker cream.Let him/her have a good night sleep.Sweet dreams.

7.When the matter of food comes, only a mother can decide because every child won't be having the same allergic reactions to food.It varies from person to person.If you try a food in one day and the rashes appear then avoid it and try after 1 or 2 months. This allergy to food won't last for more.
Avoid now and later you can provide the same. Give the baby multivitamin so that there is no lack of nutrition.
By the suggestion of a doctor,I tried food allergy test..and it showed negative in all allergic foods like egg,chicken,corn ..etc  except a bit in sesame.
But what I would say is ,It is big  waste of money.Baby's immunity keep on changing and this time you see allergy in a food ..and next time it won't be.
The severity of eczema can also tested by taking blood sample.( I forgot the name of the test)I have done that too  .The doctor said that  he had seen many cases more severe than my daughter's.They may suggest to take medicine orally and believe me it won't  harm your child.I have given oral medicine whenever she gets severe cold and her skin becomes more dry than ever.

8.Also consult a dermatologist more than a paediatrician.In case of cold or any illness,the skin also get dry soon,but I'm sure a dermatologist can help you.
Last time when I went to a dermatologist ,he said that skin eczema naturally disappears ,it won't last for long .It disappears at the age of 3,5 or 7 or 9.That's it.There are chances that dryness will still be in the elbow joint and knee joint but don't worry many creams are available for dry skin.But there won't be itching or scratching ,the type of skin will be dry.

So don't  waste your time thinking and worrying about skin eczema ,instead spend some time with your cutie who will be giving you the most  wonderful memorable moments in your life.

I know you are eager to know that what happened to my daughter,she is recovering.She has no rashes in her face or hands and the dryness of her skin where I feel is her legs.But I apply moisturiser with  a little cream,so no itching and scratching.And I know it will gradually disappear.Food allergy is still there but not to every food I mentioned before ,so I put a little control over that.Just for now.

If this article was of any help to you ..then please post your comment and if you have still doubts ,do let me know.

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