Monday, 4 February 2013

Men Shirts

All types of shirts of different brands,materials,stunning colours and  various types like checks,plain,stripes and styles like single collar,double collar  are available.

Men's shirts
Men's dress shirts are a common staple of menswear, and can be found everywhere from the White House to Wall Street to Main Street. They can be elegant, casual, formal or given a personal style .A dress shirt serves to cover the torso but also doubles as an item that displays one's social status, sense of style and formality.A sharp looking dress shirt looks fabulous on any man.

Care to be taken when washing
  Learning how wash dress shirts is essential to caring for them properly.Laundering men's dress shirts at home saves a lot of money compared to dry cleaning, but there are irreversible problems you can cause if you do not wash shirts properly. Deodorant and perspiration stains that are not completely removed will cause yellowing and brittleness that break down the fabric's fibers. Bleach and improper rinsing can also cause permanent discoloration. Laundering shirts immediately after wearing, and using detergent that is designed for cotton fabric, will give the best results. Avoid using regular detergent because it builds up and turns the fabric a dingy shade of gray.                               
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