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Printed Silk Sarees

New design and trend in Sarees
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 Find a bindi sticker at the store, if you have an Indian store in your area or are visiting India. Bindis are the decorative dots that Indian women wear on their forehead centered between their eyebrows. Though these dots were traditionally reserved for married females, in practice most women wear them on formal occasions. If you can't find a colored or jeweled bindi sticker, make your own using an eyeliner or lip liner pencil. Apply the bindi exactly centered between your eyebrows and use a ruler if you aren't confident of finding the exact center on your own in the mirror.
 2.Necklace set            
Pick out an ornate matching earring and necklace set. Look for something with large stones, real or fake -- costume jewelry is commonly worn with sarees in India on formal occasions. Necklaces should hit around or above the neckline of your saree blouse. If you are in India, you can pick up an inexpensive costume jewelry set at a department store or some larger street markets.
Put together a selection of bangle bracelets that highlights the colors in your saree. If you do not have your own bangles to choose from, bring the saree to a bangle stall in an Indian market. Ask the stall owner to create a tableau of bangles to match your saree's design. Wear the bangles on your right hand, leaving your left hand free so you can drape the decorative end of the saree over your left forearm without snagging the fabric on your jewelry.
Wear a gold wristlet purse on your left hand. Shaped like a bracelet with a small round or triangular hanging zippered section, these purses are no more than 4 to 6 inches long and are frequently covered in intricate bead work. Pick up an inexpensive one at a street market, and store your keys, cellphone, cash and lipstick inside.

Add gold rings with pearls or diamonds on both hands, if you have any. Rings with large stones are more fashionable than understated settings or simple bands. Wedding rings, in particular, do not have significance in India, as women wear a necklace called a "mangalsutra" in lieu of a wedding ring.
Finish off your ensemble with a fancy pair of thong sandals. Wear sandals with a small wedge or stiletto heel unless you are already very tall. Choose a pair with beaded, braided or otherwise decorated straps. You can find these sandals in any Indian department store or street market, but larger sizes -- U.S. shoe size 9 and above -- are not always available.


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