Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Jewellery care

Any jewellary that is important to you should be treated with love and care, regardless of how much it originally cost

1 Remove jewellary before housework. Many cleaning agents contain harsh chemicals that can discolor diamonds and even eat away at artificial or enhanced gemstones. Remove all of your rings and bracelets before beginning your housework in order to keep such agents away from your prized posessions.

2 Clean with care. Depending on the type of stone and setting, you may be able to clean your jewellery  at home with soap and water or with an inexpensive jeweler cleaner purchased at the drug store. However, some types of treated, enhanced and even naturally occurring stones can be damaged by excessive brushing and typical jeweler-cleaning concoctions, so check with a jeweller to find out what kind of cleaning will be best for the life of your piece

Jewelry is an effective focal point of the viewer's eye to distract attention away from any body flaws.
 1 Wear contrasting shape all the time if you have a round body built.
2 Anything dangling such as earrings make a body silhouette slim.
3 Gold tones fit almost any skin color
Store your jewelry in a gold-plated jewelry box lined with velvet, or wrap it in a soft material that will prevent scratches.
Wipe your gold plated jewelry with a damp cotton cloth delicately. This will help remove dirt and dust to accumulate on the surface thus preventing the rotting of the gold layer

1 Glass Cleaner
Buy a quality glass cleaner that can be used to clean diamonds as well as other jewelry pieces. Spray a small amount of glass cleaner on the jewelry and scrub away the settled dirt on the surface using your finger. Use a soft bristle toothbrush to remove the debris settled beneath the groves and settings in the jewelry. Lotions, creams, and other items tend to settle beneath the stones which must be removed to regain its lost luster. After scrubbing, wash the jewelry with warm water and dry it using a soft lint-free cloth.
2 Dishwashing Liquid
Use a mild dishwashing liquid to clean your diamond jewelry. Pour a few drops of the liquid in a bowl containing warm water and place the jewelry in it. After sometime, pick the jewelry piece and clean the debris using a soft toothbrush. Like the previous method, wash away the liquid soap with warm water and wipe it off using a microfiber cloth.
3 Lestoil

Lestoil is a very popular cleaning agent used for household cleaning. You can clean your diamond jewelry in the same way using lestoil, as mentioned for dishwashing liquid.
4 Ammonia

Ammonia can also be used for cleaning diamond jewelry. All you have got to do is, take one part water and one part ammonia and mix them together. Soak the jewelry in the ammonia-water mix for not more than 15 seconds. Take the jewelry out and clean the debris entrapped within the jewelry settings. Once done, rinse with water and dry using a clean non-abrasive cloth.
5 Mr. Clean
It is a popular cleansing solution easily available in supermarkets. Mix eight parts warm water with one part Mr. Clean in a bowl. Place the diamond jewelry in the solution for 15 minutes. Take out the jewelry and brush off the grease and debris accumulated on the diamond and in the jewelry. Rinse it using hot water and leave it aside to dry
1 Wipe the jewelry with a suede cloth to remove surface dirt and oils. Use gentle motions; rough rubbing may damage the piece.This help to restore its shine.
2) Use a common pencil eraser to remove stubborn black marks. Gently rub the eraser on dark spots on the piece. Don't apply heavy pressure.
3) Store Kundan jewelry with a pouch of silica gel to keep it dry; this prevents tarnishing and cracking.
4) Wrap individual Kundan pieces in soft cotton wool and seal them in plastic if you are storing multiple pieces together.
5) Imitation Kundan jewelry may contain less pure gold than authentic pieces.Never use household soaps or water on Kundan jewelry.

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