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Saree collections

 What is Sari?

A sari or saree is a strip of unstitched cloth, worn by women, ranging from four to nine yards in length that is draped over the body in various styles which is native to the Indian Subcontinent.
The sari is usually worn with a blouse which  has short sleeves and a low neck and is usually cropped at the midriff, and as such is particularly well-suited for wear in the sultry South Asian summers.
The sari developed as a garment of its own in both South and North India at around the same time, and is in popular culture an epitome of Indian culture. The sari signified the grace of Indian women adequately displaying the curves at the right places.(Wikipedia)

It is the wish of each and every woman to be beautiful.A woman looks more beautiful in saree..maybe that's the reason a woman wishes to wear a saree atleast once in her lifetime.
How to wear a saree in 9 simple steps - Scroll down 

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How to wear a saree in 9 simple steps

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The most common style of wearing saree is by wrapping one end of the saree around the waist with pleats in front and pinning the neatly folded other end on the left shoulder over the blouse. However women in different parts of India wear saree in their own traditional style.

Given below is a step by step instruction on How to Wear a Saree. Wearing a saree is not very difficult though it may seem so. These simple step by step instructions will help you wear saree with graceful elegance.
Petticoat (long under skirt from waist to ankles) and blouse are essential under garments for the saree. The petticoat should be tied tightly at the waist by a drawstring. Remember, the color of the petticoat and the blouse worn along with the saree should be matching with the color of your sari

How to wear a saree? Step 1

Unfold the saree to its full length. Adjust the height up to your navel, wrap the saree around the waistline comfortably and tuck the top edge of the saree into your petticoat.

Wearing a Saree - Step 2

Take the top end of your saree in your right hand and circle it around your waist till you come to the front. Make sure you maintain the same height as you wrap it around the waistline. Now tuck the top edge of the saree inside the petticoat.

Wearing Indian Sari - Step 3

You are now ready for pleating the saree in the front. Pleating is done using your right hand while your left hand holds tight the remaining length of the saree.

How to Wear a Saree - Step 4

Your middle finger and index finger will be slipping to and fro while your little finger and ring finger will steady your right thumb. Make 8 to 10 pleats to fit your requirement.

How to Wear Sari - Step 5

When you have pleated uniformly, hold the pleats together and adjust the height.

Wearing a Sari - Step 6

Tuck the pleats neatly inside your petticoat and smoothen the pleats to your choice. The pleats should fall straight and even.

How to Wrap Saree? Step 7

Take the remaining length and pass it on to your left, gently round your waistline and bring it under your right arm.

Saree Wearing - Step 8

Pull over the drape to tighten around the hips and waist.

Wearing a Saree - Step 9

Take the saree over your left arm covering roughly the portion between your bustline and knees. You can also pleat the pallu edge if you want.

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